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» Kirstenbosch «

Kapstadt Ferienhaus mieten Kirstenbosch

Kirstenbosch – botanical garden
Distance 25 km / 30 min

Visit Kirstenbosch east of the Table Mountain. You will be excited of this botanical garden, eye candy at each season of the year. Did you know that Protea, the symbol flower of South Africa grows in South Africa only? Here you can find and admire the variegated biodiversity of the Proteas, next to all the other special plants and flowers, which nearly can not be surpassed by the blaze of colour. The botanical garden Kirstenbosch is one of the most beautiful public garden of the world with a size of about 36 ha. Visit Kirstenbosch and admire the unique Flora in the Cape Region in Kistenbosch is shown the native flora only.

On the area of Kirstenbosch regularly open air concerts are performed. By the way: Also the rooibos is growing only in South Africa. The famous plant that is used for tea, lotions and others.